Company Profile

ISCL was founded by two IAS aspirants who chose to become entrepreneurs by taking the demanding route to strengthen themselves, nation and its people. They hail from a family of successful businessmen who have established themselves in the field of construction, infrastructure & mining. This brainchild was birthed during the unprecedented pandemic, which left thousands of Shramiks without any means of survival. To overcome this situation, our team at ISCL has pledged to contribute towards building a better life for the Shramiks of our country whilst fulfilling the needs of our customers.

We at ISCL believe that dignity and human rights of every human being is non-negotiable, thereby creating a system that protects the legal and socio – economic rights of every individual. Ensuring better access to food, accommodation, healthcare, remuneration and other facilities such as skill development & training, recreation remain at the forefront of our company’s mission. 


  • To improve the standard of living of labourers and to transform unorganized labour into an organized one
  • To provide & safeguard the rights of the labour and create awareness for the same
  • Maintain discipline through an organized system of work & promote skill Enhancement
  • Elimination of child labour
  • Women empowerment & promotion of primary education for Shramik's children
  • Decrease gender pay gap by ensuring equal pay for men & women


  • To Ensure clients identify ISCL as their preferred service provider by providing quality services.
  • To expand operation and to have PAN India as well as Global presence.


  • Excellence 
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Health
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